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"The business of business is improving the state of the world"

- Marc Benioff

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Our Story

Not long ago, in a small studio apartment at Vauxhall, London, our co-founder worked tirelessly on his tasks making sure his remote manager was kept updated with the latest progress. Juggling between meetings, writing code and drinking coffee, his only struggle was Time Management. Athough there were a few time management software in the market, their general invasive nature towards privacy was discouraging. And that's how the idea behind Timecrypt evolved.

Our strongest belief is that Employees should be Trusted, but we can understand that the employers might also need something to boost their trust at times. Timecrypt was developed around the idea of managing time with minimum efforts, providing trust without invading privacy.

We're a DIVERSE, 100% REMOTE Company.

Proudly working together for a common goal, our team is spread throughout the world.

Founded in 2021.

To revolutionize time management across the globe.

Our Values

We firmly believe in Philanthropist and Entrepreneur Marc Benioff's statement "The business of business is not business. The business of business is improving the state of the world." As a business, Timecrypt pledges to improving the World. And to put that into practice, we commit to donating 1% of every sale at Timecrypt to UNICEF.

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