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Automatic Time tracking

Our native app automatically records all the time you spend working on different apps/websites, so that you can focus on your work. The users can customise which apps/websites to ignore such that their privacy is never at risk. Timecrypt app would only track the time for apps/websites not included in the ignore list.

Logging time has never been easier. With the help of our state of the art and intuitive Activity Recollection Canvas, the users can decide to log time at their convenience – whether at the end of the day or the week, allowing them undistruptive focus on their work.

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Complete Control of App & Web Tracking

Timecrypt's easy to use Crypt Ignore List allows the users to decide which app/web data they wish to track or ignore, giving them complete control of their data. This ensures that they are in complete control of what information of their work activity is shared with the team or manager and what remains private to them alone.

Chained Time Transactions

Timecrypt is the world's first Blockchain powered Time Tracking application. Our use of blockchain utilizes the time activity data as individual Time Transactions which can be verified using our Blockchain Verification System. Since the data in the blockchain is immutable, this provides a guarantee to the clients and the manager, giving them complete trust without any intrusion whatsoever.

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Using stopwatch for time management

We, at Timecrypt, understand that there are many individuals who prefer to keep an active timer while working on a task for improved time management, and thus, we offer an easy to use stopwatch to track the activity data. Simply select the task you wish to track your time with using the stopwatch and click the start button. Your time progress will be shown next to the button and once you're done, simply click the stop button. It's that simple. All your recorded data will be added to the synchronisation list and synchronised with the Timecrypt server rightaway if online, or as soon as you're connected back to the internet.

Advanced Reports

Timecrypt offers very easy to use and infinitely customisable advanced reports for all the work that you've done, and for all the work that your team or employees have done over a certain period of time. You could specifically choose the columns you wish to have in the report depending upon the purpose of the reporting and the suitability of your organization.

You can group the report by User, Project or Task and filter out the users, projects, tasks and timetype - wether using ARC or a stopwatch. The possibilities are endless, and very easy to customise. We understand that very often, you might wish to download the report. Once you're happy with the report being shown in the dashboard, you can simply click the Save Report button and export it in either PDF or CSV.

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Activity Recollection Canvas

Our native app comes packed with the state of the art - Activity Recollection Canvas OR ARC. The ARC is a representation of the tracked work in an easy to understand, review and recollect all that you've been upto. The ARC is a canvas filled with all the apps or websites you've been working on during any time period. This allows you to easily decide which time data to log, the associated task to log it into, and most importantly, when to log - at your convenience.

Data Privacy Laws Compliant

At Timecrypt, we believe that Privacy is a fundamental right. As we become aware of our rights, organizations globally have been trying to stay compliant with laws that affect the way they do business. Regulations such as the GDPR require businesses to protect personal data. The vast variety of time tracking apps available for use in companies usually have similar features and while most such tools claim to safeguard user privacy, their features put organizations at risk of non-compliance to regulations.

Timecrypt is built in a way that gives employees full control over their privacy, while still giving management a holistic view of the entire team.

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Easy Task Scheduler

Timecrypt allows you to map and schedule your resources from one intelligent space. You can visualize all planned work from one beautifully clear timeline on the calendar. Reduce scheduling to a matter of minutes using a clean, modern interface. Allocate, edit and reassign tasks between colleagues with a simple click and confirm. Planned time auto-populates a draft on the calendar so that you can better view the work everyone has been assigned.

Offline Access

Our native app works offline without loss of any of the time tracking features. If you're working remotely from a location without internet access, don't worry. The time you log would still be added to the synchronization list and as soon as you're back online, it would attempt to synchronise your time data with the Timecrypt server rightaway. You don't need to worry about any of it, just focus on your work and let Timecrypt handle the rest for you.

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