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Blockchain powered time-keeping

Introducing the world's first blockchain for time tracking. We offer a time-keeping ledger for time transactions which guarantees the authenticity of any time data associated with it. Our built in Blockchain Verification System offers a quick way to verify if the respective time data is authentic, providing you with the time data you can actually trust.

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Ensuring compliance with Privacy Laws

Excessive employee monitoring has caused GDPR fines for many organizations in recent years. Keystroke recording, screenshot capture etc may record sensitive personal data such as credit cards, religious habits OR sensitive health information of employees, putting you at a risk of breaching regulations.

Timecrypt ensures you stay compliant with GDPR and other privacy laws by building features in a way that ensure privacy by design.

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Effortless Time Management

Automatic Tracking

We automatically record all the time you spend working on different apps/websites, so that you can focus on your work

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Complete Control of App & Web Tracking

Our Crypt Ignore List allows you to decide which app/web data you wish to track or ignore, giving you complete control

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Chained Time Transactions

Our blockchain offers an immutable ledger of time transactions, providing you with the time data you can actually trust

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Stopwatch (Optional)

For those who wish to see the time they spent working on a task while working on it, we got you covered

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Advanced Reports

Easily and Infinitely customizable reports from macro to micro, available to download in PDF and CSV

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Activity Recollection Canvas

Our app comes packed with the ARC allowing you to easily view and decide which time data to log, at your convenience

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Data Privacy Laws Compliant

Your privacy is of the utmost priority. We ensure organizations stay compliant with GDPR and other local laws.

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Easy Scheduler

Easily schedule tasks and projects using the Project Scheduler on the dashboard to improve productivity and efficiency

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Offline Access

Our native application works even when you're not connected to the internet. The logged data synchronizes once you are back online

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Seamless project planning

Schedule Work Review

Easy Scheduling

Our built-in solution offers project planning at task level, easily distinguishible on the calendar. Simply schedule a new task to an existing project, or create a new project. You can mark the new task as billable or non-billable and update the due date on the existing tasks, if necessary. Plan ahead as best as you can, and make adjustments as you see fit, with time.

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Efficient Work

Assign users or teams to specific projects to maximize efficiency and track their progress at project, task or user level. Track the total hours spent on a particular task or project, make the necessary changes to improve efficiency, productivity and profitablity. Reward the hardworking employees to let them know, you appreciate.

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Quick Review

Review the progress of a task or a project and mark it complete. Assess the work done in any task or project to find out who performs most efficiently, if the planned schedule was on point and if there are any takeaways for the future projects and tasks. Use our built-in storyboard to see a timeline of all the important events of the project in the form of a... well... storyboard.

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3 Mistakes every company makes when choosing a time tracking app

Choosing spyware instead of time tracker
A tool that spies on employees even with consent is up for legal trouble
Choosing to track live activity with screenshots
Tracking sensitive data of the employees using a third party software could have an impact on the GDPR & CCPA compliance
Obscure employee data storage policy
Some countries may restrict where you are allowed to store employee/user data. This may be in violation of your country's data compliance laws and lead to considerable legal trouble

Decide where your data is stored

Be in real control of where your data is stored and managed. We value your data and offer datacenter locations, giving you the control to choose where your data resides. We ensure that your business remains strictly GDPR & CCPA compliant in terms of employee time tracking, and there is no third-party interference with your data.

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