Focus on your tasks, NOT tracking time

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Automatic time tracking for IT Consultants

Capture Billable hours flawlessly and automatically

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Uninterrupted activity collector

Timecrypt runs in the background and automatically tracks everything you work on, providing you with an interface to work with when you need to.

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Bill the clients accurately

The Activity Recollection Canvas fills with the work you've been upto, so that you can select and time the work to specific projects, tasks and clients and bill the clients for the work you do for them.

The trust of Blockchain

Using our Blockchain Verification System, you can guarantee your clients that the work data you share with them is a hundred percent accurate and trustworthy, saving both of you a great deal of hassle.

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Collaborate with your colleagues

Our dashboard offers individual as well as a team overview, allowing you to synchronise with everyone effortlessly, whether you work in-house or remotely.

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