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Blockchain Powered Time Keeping for Remote Teams

Get the TRUST of blockchain's immutable time transactions without invading your team's privacy

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Work transparency between teams for more efficiency

Timecrypt automatically tracks everything your team works on, providing an accurate recollection of all their hard work with minimal effort.

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Centralised project planning

The task scheduler allows employees to break down any big task into smaller modules, create them and work on them allowing a more streamlined work habit. The manager can also schedule tasks resultin in teams and individuals conforming to strict deadlines.

Convenient time and activity logging

Our state of the art Activity Recollection Canvas allows the users to log time easily to the projects and tasks they've worked on by looking at the app/web data on the ARC without the need to remember any of it, thus making the process of logging time quick and effortless.

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Respecting everyone's privacy

Our in-built Crypt Ignore List allows your employees to dictate what application or website they wish Timecrypt native app to ignore, allowing true control over their private data. If there's an app or website in the Crypt ignore list, it is never tracked.

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